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Work-life integration makes the difference

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Not so long ago, people in the supermarket were still surprised when they did their shopping in the morning, but the image of the usual 9-to-5 working hours in society has changed dramatically, at the latest as a result of the Corona pandemic.

Due to digital, ever-improving networking, our professional and private lives can often no longer be clearly separated. The work-life balance approach is crumbling, because in order to create a certain balance, we have to set priorities and this is often not possible in view of, on the one hand, professional obligations and, on the other hand, the desire for flexibility in private, family life!

We have been taking this work-life integration approach into account for almost three years and would like to lead the way as a “best practice example”.

The basic idea: to break existing thought patterns, to link work and leisure in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers, especially in the event industry, but also in other sectors, and to promote a positive development in the organisation of everyday life.

“When I work from my home office in a concentrated way over a longer period of time, at a certain point my creativity simply starts to wane. Then I grab my dog and take a spontaneous “creative break”, which is good for me, the concept, but also for my dog! “

Sabrina Schultze-Clement, Project Manager, Focus on Content (POMMEREL Live-Marketing GmbH)

Trend researcher and futurologist Tristan Horx also speaks highly of the future viability of the 40-hour week and the mere presence on site and appeals for a radical change in work culture: “We all know that no one is productive in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. We are not built for that!” (Source:

“During my home office days, I like to meet friends in Oldenburg city centre for lunch. Time flies by during nice conversations, so of course I’m happy about the possibility of flexible working hours. For urgent cases, I have my company mobile phone with me and can be reached at any time.”

Milena Wilhelm, Project Manager, Focus Event (POMMEREL Live-Marketing GmbH)

More agility through digitality promotes a new, resilient working environment that also serves important social components, such as less risk of overload, better health and regeneration, but also the aspect of sustainability. For example, our employees work flexibly from their home office, coordinate live via digital project management tools and save themselves the trip from Oldenburg to Berne on two working days per week. On agency days, car pools are also formed.

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