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POMMEREL is an event agency with many years of expertise in live communication. We advise our clients to find the optimal solution for every occasion. We use the latest digital technology in our events. We also create content for press, media and social media campaigns so that events generate even greater reach. We also offer these services separately as tools, i.e. without the necessary connection to a specific live communication project.

Consultation and analysis

In-house workshop rooms

So that messages get across

You want to make your company, your brand, products and services more valuable in the long term, but you lack the right strategy? We offer consultations as well as sparring and strategy workshops in which you receive important ideas for your corporate strategy. Our workshops also provide exciting impulses for corporate identity processes, for corporate culture and campaign development.

No corporate strategy can do without a comprehensive analysis of internal and external factors. This includes a SWOT analysis as well as an examination of the market, your relevant competitors and target groups. Whether in a discussion, in a workshop or on the basis of key figures – we examine all aspects, give detailed recommendations for action and evaluate their success.

Guest management - POM guest

Hygienically compliant check in
Event passes with QR code
Corona rapid test road (Fastlane)

… for safe event formats!

Professional digital guest or participant management is the business card of your event format or trade fair and makes a significant contribution to its success.

We provide your guests with all the necessary information about the event and take them on an experience-oriented journey from the invitation to contactless check-in and tester registration (Fastlane)!

We develop and create a perfect fit:

  • web-based registration tools
  • freely definable registration and query options
  • versatile mailing options
  • event and congress accreditation
  • name badges, event passes, eTickets with QR codes and wallet files
  • extended accreditation through our Corona Fastlane

With us, you and your guests are on the safe side!

Advantages of participant management:

  • Reliable planning
  • Monitoring of project processes
  • Allocation of individual rights
  • Relief for staff
  • Cost reduction through process optimisation
  • Project-related cost centre allocation
  • Data update and maintenance
  • Data tracking
  • Event security: The data is hosted on a server in Germany and secured in compliance with GDPR.

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Hygiene concept - POM safe

Check in area
Hygienically safe catering concept
Regular disinfection of doors and handrails
Safety and hygiene-compliant seating plans
The crew wears mouth-nose protection
Mobile traffic light installation in the sanitary area
Minimum distances during meals
Artists wear mouth-nose protection
Safety- and hygiene-compliant rules apply in all common areas

Public relations

Press event
Corporate publishing
Logo design

We reach people

Your project has an exciting story to tell. Your company has a message and a target group that needs to hear it. But can you get that message across?

We reach people with our strategically oriented PR concepts. We tell your story and get your message across. Inside and outside your company. In any case, tailored to your needs and sustainable. Our portfolio ranges from classic PR to press events, newsletters and advertisements to corporate publishing, corporate design and image films.


Social media campaigns
Mobile website design

Online communication that stands out

Online communication extends the impact of the real experience. But online communication that stands out can also become an experience itself and bind target groups to a company in the long term. Quite often, however, there is a lack of suitable concepts and, above all, capacities to develop communication sustainably.

We design your presence in the online world. We find out where target groups are and develop relevant content for your website, corporate blog and social media channels. Take advantage of our expertise in online campaigns and community building to ensure that your company endures in the fast-moving online world.


Motion design
Motion design
Motion design
Motion design

The digital wow effect

Today, digitalisation in the design sector offers great opportunities for visualisation: Do you want to virtually walk through a trade fair stand even before it has been built? Visualise an empty commercial space as a buzzing business location? Or are you planning to give your event an extra wow factor with the help of motion design or hologram technology?

Thanks to many years of cooperation with first-class partners, we regularly use innovative digital visualisation in our event concepts. But we also offer digital solutions for your project independent of events: renderings, motion design, hologram technology, virtual and augmented reality … We can do it!

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