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The new home of digital live communication?

The digital transformation of live communication is progressing. Streaming studios are springing up like mushrooms. More and more companies are gaining experience with digital or hybrid events. But not only that. With experience, the positive basic attitude towards these new formats also seems to be growing.

Why does digital live communication succeed?

As a hybrid live communications agency, we have advised many clients in recent months and realised a wide variety of digital and hybrid events and projects. We have noticed a similar development: the feeling of loss of the usual authentic live experience on the part of the companies is now being joined by a growing openness to digital and hybrid formats.

One cause is certainly the increasingly sophisticated software that enables digital interactivity and gives the feeling that we can also be close to each other in the digital space. But we also attribute the success of the new formats to another origin, namely digital storytelling with moving images.

Today, more than ever, we live in a visual culture. Moving images, whether on television or on the various video platforms on the internet, are omnipresent. Studies that deal with moving images in the areas of information transfer and advertising attest to their great potential impact.

Corporate TV as a platform for digital (live) communication

Our goal is to lead digital live communication out of the shadow of its analogue big brother and make it fit for the future in the new normal. To achieve this goal, it makes sense not to focus solely on the development of digital interaction, but to give live communication its own platform and thus a home in the big world of moving images.

Corporate TV could become such a home. With a digital TV channel with its own domain, companies can offer their target group both live formats and traditional formats such as reports and news programmes or classic advertising films. This creates an individual programme that presents corporate messages and information in a multi-faceted way.

Corporate TV can be distributed as Internet TV via the website or played out on screens worldwide with the help of media players and a central editorial system. In addition, individual contents can also be distributed via social networks. A separate media library also enables permanent access to contributions.

In contrast to YouTube or Vimeo, corporate TV with its own domain offers a wide range of possible applications, because content can be made available individually and exclusively for special target groups and occasions such as internal training or product presentations.

Our conclusion

Corporate TV can not only provide a new home for digital live communication. It is also ideally suited as a hub in an increasingly digital network of corporate communication.

You can find more information about corporate TV here.

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