POM NOW 2020

POM NOW 2020 – Time for change!

A new online conference format takes off!

2020 was THE year for digital change in corporate communications. Therefore, on 24 June 2020, POMMEREL Live-Marketing launched the POM NOW series, an online conference format that addresses trend-setting questions around the topic of “change”.

In the first edition, which was streamed live from the agency in Berne, we discussed with experts from different fields the necessary prerequisites for companies to be able to shape their relationships with their markets when encounters in the post-Corona era can (for the time being) only take place digitally.

Talk guests were connected live:

  • Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner, Junior Professor for Female Entrepreneurship at Carl-von-Ossietzky University, Oldenburg
  • Boet Kreiken, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, KLM, Amsterdam 
  • Futurologist Tristan Horx, Junior Futurist at the Zukunftsinstitut, Vienna 

The moderation was done by Sylke Gandzior and Reinhard Pommerel.

We designed POM NOW 2020 – Time for Change! not only to be entertaining and informative, but also to facilitate exchange. After the interviews, participants were able to discuss individual topics with the experts in interactive online breakout sessions.


16:00 h
Time for change!? (Livestream)

Welcome by the moderators Sylke Gandzior and Reinhard Pommerel

Sylke Gandzior and Reinhard Pommerel set the mood for the participants with some guiding questions: Why do we believe that we need to set the course for the future right now? And why do we believe that creativity, appreciation and meaningfulness are necessary to contribute to more sustainable relationships and higher value creation. (Livestream)

16:10 h
How will our economy need to have changed? (Livestream)

A conversation with Prof. Dr Stephanie Birkner, Boet Kreiken and Tristan Horx

Why do we find it so incredibly difficult to leave traditional paths? What is behind the “Kill your Company” concept and what is the campaign of the oldest airline KLM all about? What can encounter communication look like in the post-coronal era? …

Participants were able to join the conversation live, ask questions and then enter into direct dialogue via breakout sessions.

17:00 – ca. 17:15 h
Breakout sessions (ZOOM)

Afterwards, there was room for individual questions, experiences and direct exchange in moderated breakout sessions with our experts.

  • Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner: The view through the entrepreneurial glasses of science
  • Boet Kreiken: Courage for new business models (in English)
  • Tristan Horx: A look into post-coronal communication


Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner, Boet Kreiken, Tristan Horx

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner

In 2020, Prof. Dr Stephanie Birkner held the junior professorship “Female Entrepreneurship”, which is unique in Germany. At the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, she researched how female entrepreneurship can inspire the economy and society. For the economist, entrepreneurial thinking and action means openness to look at things differently and the will to develop ideas oneself when things get stuck.

In our digital roundtable, we talked to her about the courage to change from a scientific perspective: Why do people find it so incredibly difficult to leave traditional paths? Why do we often shy away from risk? And what can we take from the field of entrepreneurial thinking into our current restart phase of the economy?

Boet Kreiken

Since 2017, Boet Kreiken has been Executive Vice President Customer Experience at the Dutch airline KLM and is responsible, among other things, for the “Fly Responsibly” campaign. With this bold campaign, KLM is taking a leading role in the search for sustainable transport concepts.

In our digital roundtable, we talked to him about unusual ways to implement change in business: If you look closely at the KLM campaign: “Fly Responsibly”, you might think that KLM has put the “Kill Your Company” method to work in order to make itself fit for the future … Is that really the case? And what can other industries and companies learn from this conviction?

Tristan Horx

The futurologist, speaker and author at the Zukunftsinstitut Wien deals with the topics of social change and researches what will follow Generation X, Y and Z. Tristan Horx has been a lecturer at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg since 2018 and a columnist for the Austrian Kronen Zeitung since 2019. As an anthropologist, he sees his task as finding the bridge between creativity and economics in macrosocial issues.

In our digital roundtable, we asked him with regard to the economy after Corona: How will we have to have changed? – This is how we look back at our current actions from the future. The way we bring people and markets back together will play a central role in this.


Sylke Gandzior, Reinhard Pommerel

Sylke Gandzior

The likeable journalist (Radio Bremen, Radio Frankfurt, Spreeradio) and sought-after presenter has many years of experience in radio and television as well as in presenting major trade fairs and events. Sylke Gandzior also works as a media trainer at the Axel Springer Academy and promotes young journalists. In addition, she coaches executives at Deutsche Lufthansa AG. With her quick wit and empathetic interview style, she transforms every event into a highly entertaining and informative experience.

Reinhard Pommerel

Reinhard Pommerel is the managing owner of the event agency POMMEREL Live-Marketing based in Berne. With his innovative and sustainable event concepts, he has earned an excellent reputation as an impulse generator for medium-sized businesses. Also thanks to his commitment as a member of the FAMAB and board member of the R.I.F.E.L. Institute, Reinhard Pommerel is one of the thought leaders and pacesetters in the event industry, especially with regard to digital concepts and considerations of hygiene or safety aspects.

Livestream + Breakout sessions


We broadcast live from our mobile studio on the agency grounds in Berne on 24 June.

Breakout sessions

In the breakout sessions, our experts were virtually on site from around 17:00. There was room for questions, exchange and suggestions.

  • Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner: The view through the entrepreneurial glasses of science
  • Boet Kreiken: Courage for new business models (in English)
  • Tristan Horx: A look into post-coronal communication

Participants could join the breakout sessions via zoom. Questions were possible both in the chat and verbally. Participants could leave the selected session at any time and join another one.

Special thanks go to our long-standing professional partners:
Eachfilm: film, photography, motion design / müllermusic: event technology and Detlef Krause: graphic/design.

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