Nothing is more constant than change

We have already reported on the reorientation of live communication in our blog post “Reframing Live Communication”. The Covid 19 pandemic brought about a turnaround, but also showed that hybrid events by no means have to mean a loss of experience. On the contrary, this shift brought a whole new quality of communication, combining the best of the real and digital worlds in an innovative, experiential staging.

The metaverse as an opportunity

In keeping with the saying “Nothing is more constant than change”, we are also currently concerned with the topic of the metaverse, which you hear and read about everywhere. Like probably many, we are also asking ourselves numerous questions: How does the metaverse change our everyday life? What opportunities does it offer for our company and marketing? What do new business models look like as a result?

Digital space with endless possibilities

In an initial webinar, we were given an insight into the topic and allowed to immerse ourselves in the Metaverse – exciting! Based on the basics conveyed, from tokens to blockchain to metaverse strategies, it quickly became clear that the metaverse has great potential!

Therefore, it is our goal to integrate the Metaverse into future projects together with our partners and customers and we are already working on a first concept idea.

The first step

How and to what extent we will integrate the Metaverse into our projects is becoming more and more apparent. We think it is a growing process and agree that the Metaverse will essentially influence our industry and bring it forward on a completely different level in terms of experience.

The possibility to visit virtual and hybrid events in 2D and 3D, to bring physically present and digitally participating participants of an event closer together in real time and to combine this with the surreal experience of different digital worlds – this is exactly the appeal of the Metaverse!

Especially the point sustainability plays an equally important role and can be positively influenced by the Metaverse.


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