Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022
Röchling - Employee Event 2022

Röchling – Employee Event 2022

The globally active plastics specialist, Röchling Industrial, really revved up the Emsland Arena in Lingen with a unique and experience-oriented company party.

The idea: Experience moments together!

The company took this special event as an opportunity to thank its employees for their perseverance and loyalty during the difficult Corona period and relied on a “festival-like event format” for its implementation.

From a multifunctional event arena to a charming location

The approximately 1,000 employees, including partners, had ample space for communication and interaction. The exciting event format was characterised by the different room areas and a decentralised bar and food concept with four food areas: American Way, Made in Emsland, Asian Corner and Streetfood ut de Hand. Guests were thus able to discover the different buffets and 4 front cooking stations for themselves, while the total of three bars ensured a quick and varied supply at all times.

Moderated information session

The likeable journalist and moderator Sylke Gandzior led through an informative round of talks. Participants included the Executive Board and the Works Council as well as the management. With her quick wit and empathetic interview style, Gandzior turned the event into an entertaining and informative experience.
In an authentic address addressed to the employees by the two managing directors, on the central stage, the occasion and the significance of the event as well as the individual employees once again became clear.

“Unexpected often comes” – the surprise

The employees were challenged as a team directly after the meal and were suddenly part of their own programme. The world’s largest Röchling team orchestra was created live and together, creating an emotional highlight of the evening.
During the interactive body percussion performance, the guests were activated and synchronised by immensely likeable and rousing performers by means of rhythmic snapping, clapping as well as singing elements.

Fabulous revelations

As a dramaturgical transition to the celebratory part of the event, a total of three XXL banners were suddenly unveiled by means of kabuki at different locations in the arena, accompanied by appropriate sound interludes. The result: “We.”, “All.”, “Together.” finally concluded by a “Thank you” on a large video screen, opened the dance floor.
Known for the first big comedy live show series “RTL Samstag Nacht ALLStars”, the band “AllStars”, which has already appeared in countless TV shows and has worked with impressive artists such as Anastacia or Joe Cocker in the past, warmed up the party-loving guests. Taking turns, the AllStars DJ then ensured a full dance floor with enthusiastic dancers and listeners!

After a long break from Corona, POMMEREL managed to inspire our staff with a multi-faceted, interactive and emotional live event. After a long time, we were finally able to celebrate together again. Everyone visibly enjoyed it! Especially the “Röchling Orchestra” was a lot of fun for the people! The cooperation with the agency was – as already known from other events – very trustful and professional. A reliable partner with innovative ideas who made our staff event an unforgettable experience for everyone.”
Hartwig Bleker, General Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications, Röchling Industrial SE & Co. KG

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