In September 2022, the personnel service provider PERSO PLANKONTOR GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary at its headquarters in Lastrup in the Oldenburg Münsterland region with an agile employee event. Approximately 50 employees from all seven branches in Germany were invited.

Our task was to create an event that, above all, conveyed authentic appreciation for all employees, provided space to get to know each other better, and created shared emotional experiences with a lasting impact.

Actions made value-based corporate culture tangible

Under the motto Naturally.Together.Actively, we developed a brand experience concept that used various team events to focus on the corporate culture and the associated values: reliability, commitment, flexibility and appreciation.

The central action of the anniversary day was the joint construction of the company logo in the form of an XXL wooden sculpture. Through commitment, energy and team spirit, the company’s history, which has grown over 25 years, was symbolically created. At the same time, the construction of the logo created real walk-in rooms that the employees were able to fill with life as “their” room at the end of the event.

Experiencing sustainability as part of responsible action

Sustainability plays a major role in the development of the company. In our concept, we implemented the topic as a focus on e-mobility. Starting from the company headquarters in Lastrup, employees were able to experience the area in alternating teams on e-scooters, e-bikes and Segways along previously marked routes. Driven by surprising tasks along the route, the result was a team-oriented, eventful and, above all, fun-filled anniversary day.

Relaxation, exuberance, cordiality

The evening event was all about “Ars Vivendi”, about relaxation, exuberance and cordiality. A ten-meter-long table in the building’s carriage house formed the culinary and atmospheric focal point. Here, employees were able to review the day’s experiences in lively conversation and get to know each other even better. At the subsequent party, a DJ ensured a lively atmosphere until late into the night.

“POMMEREL understood exactly what PERSO PLANKONTOR was all about with this anniversary event: our appreciation for the employees, creating shared experiences and team spirit. The activities of the anniversary day provided excellent occasions to grow even closer together as a team. Thanks to the prudent organization of the agency, we as hosts had the necessary freedom to engage in an intensive exchange with all our colleagues and were able to enjoy the day wholeheartedly. I am sure that this anniversary event will be remembered fondly for a very long time.”

Marlies Thoben-Jans, Managing Director PERSO PLANKONTOR GmbH

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